Remake my lunch

About Re-make My Lunch

Re-Make My Lunch is part of The Brain and Nutrition Education Project which will be filmed as a Docu Series and taken to multiple schools. The targeted population is “At-Risk” teens.

The project has two phases:

Phase one uses a hands on curriculum modified from a nutrition curriculum developed by a PhD nutritionist from Cornell in conjunction with nutritious school meals to prepare students  to be able to focus on and absorb phase two.

Phase Two continues the nutritious school meals and introduces a brain based curriculum developed by a world famous neuro-psychiatrist adapted and interwoven with nutrition information.

Data will be collected during both phases. Both phases will be filmed.

Teens learn about their brains and nutrition, cook and eat healthy organic food prepared by a chef to re-charge their brains and re-energize their lives. All of this is accomplished in a healthy and harmonious environment with eco-friendly paint and full spectrum L.E.D. Lighting. A garden with edible vegetables will be added to the school property providing food for the future.

A core goal of the project is sustainability.

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